How can I receive a copy of every direct email I send through PSP?

Pet Sitter Plus can be configured to copy all outgoing emails to your company email address. 

"BCC Direct Emails to Company" (when checked) 

  • sends a copy of all emails sent via SMTP to the company email address listed under Admin > Settings > Company Information

  • enables you to retain (and retrieve) an exact copy of emails sent to your clients

  • allows emails to be routed and stored in an email directory providing useful evidence that emails were delivered to your email provider's SMTP gateway

Note: This setting is for emails sent via SMTP, i.e. direct emails sent to clients from the Clients tab or from the Email tab within a client's account. Pet Sitter Plus, by default, will already CC your company email address when sending Invoices and Quotes. If you would NOT like to receive copies of Invoices and Quotes, see Do Not CC Invoices or Quotes to Company.


To copy your company email address on all direct SMTP emails:

  • Navigate to Admin > Settings > SMTP Settings

  • Check the box "BCC Direct Emails To Company"

  • Click "Update"

Copy outgoing email correspondence1.jpg

Emails will be copied to the email address that is entered in the "Email Address" field under Admin > Settings > Company Information.

Copy outgoing email correspondence2.jpg



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