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In Diary Settings > Diary Periods, you are able to change the labels of the columns of the diary, and change the period of time that each column represents.


In addition, there are several Enhanced Diary Period Controls that enable more powerful sort options for the services in your diary. These allow you to view your schedule by different categories that are most meaningful to your business. 

You can sort the services in your diary by:

  • Time 

  • Service Item Group

  • Client Area

  • Client Type 

  • Staff Type


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Changing the Column Headings in the Diary >

Changing the Column Label will change the column heading of the corresponding diary columns in 



Changing the Start and End time of the Diary Columns >

When services are added to Pet Sitter Plus, they are given a "time" and the values you assign to the "start time" and "end time" settings in "Diary Periods" will control which diary column your services will appear in. 


Changing the Enhanced Dairy Period Controls >

Enhanced Dairy Period controls enable more powerful sort options for the services in your diary. These allow you to sort your Diary by Service Item Group, Client Area, Client Type, or Staff Type.


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