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In this section you will find options to control a variety of functions that relate to diary and scheduling functions.


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Diary Periods >

Change the labels of the columns of the diary, change the period of time that each column represents, and change the enhanced diary period controls to sort your Diary by different categories.


Show Cancelled Jobs in Staff / Client Schedules For >

This feature provides a way of showing cancelled jobs in the staff schedule when they have been cancelled at short notice.


Daily Email of Staff Schedules for Next  >

Pet Sitter Plus can be configured to email schedules to staff members on a regular daily basis.


Use Check-In, Check-Out Feature >

Check this box to enable the Check-In Check-Out function on staff mobile phones.


Sort Schedule By >

There are two options that govern the default sort order of the schedule. "Staff by time" and "Time"


Show Time Default >

The “Show Time Default” governs how the “show time” function is defaulted in Pet Sitter Plus.