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Standard Communication using Email Templates

In any pet sitting business there are usually a variety of repetitive emails which typically contain the same (or similar) content. These emails typically accompany quotations, service confirmations, invoices and other communications. 


In Pet Sitter Plus you can create an unlimited number of email templates which can then be re-used repeatedly for the same (or similar) situations and tasks. Creating standard emails based on email templates saves time as you no longer need to re-type the same email many times.


Useful Examples of Email Templates

We have included a list of useful email templates that you may wish to include in your system if they are not already there. See Email Template Examples for more information.

Automation of Email Communication using Merge Codes

It is also possible to automate your email production even further by using merge codes. Merge codes enable you to extract and embed key information from your database into your emails for example First name, Last name, Amount Due, Pet name, Account number etc.

Setting Default Email Subject Lines

As all emails have an email "subject line", being able to set the default content of the subject line automatically  will help to further automate the process of email production.  For information on how to setup standard email subject lines for a host of different purposes, please refer to ADMIN > SETTINGS > Email Subject Settings.


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Adding, Amending and Deleting Email Templates >

How to add, amend and delete an email template in Pet Sitter Plus.


What are Merge Codes and How do I use them? >

Merge codes are codes that can be embedded in any standard email template that will automatically insert data into an email as you send it.


List of Available Merge Codes >

A list of all available Merge Codes with an associated description of what each code does.


Restrictions on Using Merge Codes >

Read about circumstances where Merge Codes, if used in the wrong context, will not work.


Email Template Examples >

Here is a useful list of example email templates that you can copy and create in your own system if you wish.






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