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If I click “Test & Update” and I receive a message “Connection Failed” what do I do?


SMTP Connection Failure Troubleshooting


If you are trying to connect your business or personal email to Pet Sitter Plus for the first time and you receive an error message "Connection Failed", here are some troubleshooting guidelines;


1. Gmail / Google - If you have a Gmail account, please follow the steps set out on this page


2. Read the failure message - often the failure message is quite explicit and will give you a clue as to what has caused the problem. In the above example above the message is hinting that the port number used is probably wrong or the SMTP host is wrong.



3. Double check all the SMTP credentials on the screen are correct, taking particular care that your password is correct. The password is case-sensitive. If you make any changes, click "Test & Update" to re-test the connection. 


4. Passwords. Often we will try to help a client to connect via SMTP and nothing seems to work. When this happens, one of the last things we do is to advise the client to change their email password and re-enter the new one. This often solves the problem and highlights that the client thought they know their email password but probably did not. If you are failing to connect to SMTP, try changing your email password so that you can be 100% sure you are using the right password.


5. The most common port/security settings are 465/SSL and 587/STARTTLS, so you could try using these settings if the connection is failing with the ones you are using. Ask your email provider if they support email setting other than the ones you are using and try those.


6. If your email account is new - make sure it is verified. Some email accounts will not allow the use of SMTP if they are not yet verified. Make sure your email account is verified.


7. Contact Support - If you are still having difficulty getting a successful result, then please contact Pet Sitter Plus Support





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