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If you are connecting a Gmail account to Pet Sitter Plus via SMTP, your first attempt to connect might fail. This is normal.


Since Google introduced some additional security measures, there are now some additional steps required to connect youR Gmail account via SMTP which are set out in this HELP page.


First - complete the SMTP credentials (see below) with your particular account details and then click “Test & Update”


To remedy the failed login attempt, there are generally two things you need to do.


Step 1 - Allow Access for less secure apps on your Google account


There is a setting in your Google account called “Less secure apps”. In order that Pet Sitter Plus can talk to your Google / Gmail account via SMTP you need to set this to “Turn on”.


To do this, please make sure you are logged into your Google account and click the link below




If this setting is set to "Turn Off" then set it to “Turn On“. The system will respond with a message “Updated”.


Note that if your connection fails but you find that “Access to less secure apps” is already set to “Turn On”, please click “Turn off” and then re-set this option back to “Turn On”.


This has been known to resolve connection issues for clients who’s accounts are blocked with this setting already set to “Turn on”.


If "Turn Off" is selected, click the radio button "Turn On"


You will receive an email from Google confirming that Less secure apps has been switched on. This will be sent to your alternative email address in your Google account.


Step 2 - Allow access to your Google Account

After you made your first attempt to connect your Pet Sitter Plus account to your Google account via SMTP, Google blocked the attempted access by Pet Sitter Plus.


Even though you have now completed step 1 and “allowed access for less secure apps”, the original block remains in place.


To lift the original block, Google requires that you complete an additional step to confirm that you want to re-open access to your Google account.


To do this click this link https://g.co/allowaccess


Click “Continue” on the screen that opens to complete this step.


Retrying to Connect


Having completed steps 1 and 2 above, click “Test & Update” again and the connection attempt now now succeeds.


An email is sent to the address you have stored in the “Email Address” field in

ADMIN > SETTINGS > Company Information.


Email Confirmation


You should receive an email that has the same code in the subject line as is notified to you on the previous success screen. This confirms that SMTP integration is now working.





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