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There may be occasions where a staff member has made a mistake with their time recording, and not "started" a shift at an appropriate time. This could result in their timecard have discrepancies and potentially hours missed off their payroll.

They may also have clicked "Clear Shift" on their mobile by accident, and then need that time added back on.

They might also have recorded only one shift – for example starting in the morning and ending in the late afternoon – but they may have taken off a couple of hours in the middle of the day. This will need to be adjusted so you don't have to pay them for hours they were not working. 

In either case, you would need to add a shift to their day's work to correct this. 

Note: For a more in depth look at the functions and notifications available in the report, see the Staff Activity Report.

How do I add a Shift to a staff member's working day?

  • View the Staff Activity Report for the staff member you are adding the shift for by choosing their name from the drop down, and then select the date of the shift to be added.

  • Click "Show Report"

  • Under the shift on that day and click "Insert..."


  • Enter the start and time of the new shift, by selecting the time from the drop down menus for hours and minutes.

  • Click "Add Shift".

You can see that the new shift has been added under the original one, and the total shift work time for that day has been recalculated so when you run Payroll it will now be accurate.




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