You can use shift working for staff that are paid for the "time" they spend at work rather than "by the job". This may also include travel time, and usually means calculating how many hours the staff member has been at work, how much time has been spent travelling to and from jobs, and then exporting this data for Payroll.​

How Shifts Work

The purpose of shifts is to help sitters to easily record time periods during which all activity is payable.

  • Time associated with work and travel outside of any shift is not recorded and is not payable.


  • Time associated with work and travel inside of any shift is recorded and is payable.

How Time and Travel Recording Works

  • If your sitters use GPS check-in / check-out at the beginning and the end of each visit, then for each visit a “start time” and an “end time” is recorded. Pet Sitter Plus uses this information to generate a timecard for each sitter.

  • You can now define a standard amount of travelling time for each sitter which the system uses to calculate the total travelling time. You can also exclude the travel time to and from the first and last job if you need to.​


The method of using shifts to record hours that a sitter has worked is:

  • the sitter needs to have a "staff type" set for being hourly paid, therefore it is not possible to mix the method of how they are paid. So they are either paid by the shift or by the job, but not both.

  • they need to start and end shifts on their mobile phone at the beginning and end of the shift. They can check in and out of jobs plus send clients feedback in the usual way.

Functions for Admin are:


  • You can then view the shifts for each member of staff who is hourly paid.

  • Any adjustments that are required to the shift start and end times can be made to ensure that the hours worked and to be paid are accurate.

  • The Timecard can be exported and a summary of the hours worked can be used to accurately calculate Payroll.



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