Note: Staff members will only be able to view and/or edit the areas of Pet Sitter Plus that you have granted them permission to do so.

In this section, we look at how your staff can view their own area of Pet Sitter Plus – the Staff Interface – once you have set up a staff login for them. 

Creating a Staff Login (To grant access to Pet Sitter Plus) 

Setting up staff records does not automatically provide staff members with login access to Pet Sitter Plus. To grant login access please refer to the section on "Users" in Admin > Users. 

Once your staff have logged in to their PC (or tablet), they will be able to:

  • view their jobs for the day

  • view the Diary/Schedule for a period of time

  • find information on a Client (if they have been granted permission to do so)

  • check their Compensation for a period of time

  • request holiday

  • update their personal details in their Staff Record


You can also direct your staff to the User Guide for Staff for instructions on how to access the Staff Interface on a desktop PC and how to access Pet Sitter Plus on a mobile device. 

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Logging in on the Mobile >

Find out the settings for your staff to be able to login from their mobile device. 


Viewing the Schedule >

Your staff can view all the jobs assigned to them for the day. They can also perform actions in bulk, eg. "acknowledge" jobs.

Jobs >

Your staff can view individual jobs assigned to them and can access the client and pet details (provided access has been granted to this area).

Check-in and Check-Out >

An explanation of the check-in and out functionality, how it works and learn the settings required for your mobile device to enable location services to work.

Visit Reports (Feedback) >

After setting up the custom fields for your visit report, staff can see how to add notes about the visit, plus add photos, before sending the report via email to the client.

Key Management >

A list of assigned and required keys can be viewed to help the staff member plan their day. Some more senior staff may be given the responsibility of assigning and re-assigning keys too.

Viewing the Client and Pet Details >

Staff have access to client contact numbers, address location, alarm codes, plus pet feeding routines, medication, vet and other household or pet behaviour notes.



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