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Pet Sitter Plus has a powerful function for "live" communication between the Admin – who is generally in the office – and the sitter – who is out in the field.


The "check-out" function allows the sitter to check-out of a visit when they are ready to leave a client's home, having completed their scheduled walk/visit. Provided that there is an adequate network signal, when the sitter checks-out of a job, an accurate time and GPS location is recorded for the job.

This function informs the Admin that the sitter has finished the job, and provides the Admin the opportunity to ensure the sitter is checking-out of the job at the correct time, or within the time parameters allowed for that job, and also that they are at the right location.


There is also an option to display these times and locations to your clients through their schedule on the client portal. 

How does a sitter Check-out of a Job on a mobile device?


  • From the daily schedule, tap on the job that you want to check-out of.

  • To check-out, simply tap the "Check-out" button.


NOTE: make sure you are connected to the phone network and have an adequate signal. If possible it may be preferable to log in to a WiFi network.

If you have problems checking-out, you can read our Help pages in this Check-in Check-out section for more information.

  • The time is recorded for when you checked-out.


This time is also "live" in the Admin Diary and it is possible to be viewed in the Visit Report (Feedback) and in the Client Portal.




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