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When you look at a job that has been scheduled for a sitter, by scrolling down the page, you are able to view the client and pet details.

From here the staff member can see the client's address, contact numbers, alternative contact and address.

In the pet details, they are able to view useful information about the pets feeding, medication, walking routine etc.


How can you view the CLIENT Details?

  • Tap on one of the jobs on your schedule for the day

  • Scroll down the page until you see the client's name

  • Tap on "Client Details" to view the client's contact details and address

From the "Client Details" screen, you can view all the client's contact details.

  • Tap the phone number and your mobile phone will automatically dial the client's contact number.

  • Tap on the client's address, and a location map will be opened automatically so you can ask for directions to the client's home.


How can you view the PET Details?

  • Tap on one of the jobs on your schedule for the day

  • Scroll down the page until you see the pet's name.

  • Tap on one of the options, eg. "Feeding & Medication" to view any feeding instructions for Blade.

Any special instructions for feeding Blade can be noted here by the Admin.​

What else is visible on the CLIENT or PET Details screen?

Depending on what custom fields are available you may have this complete list, or you may have additional/different options:​


  • Notes - public and private notes for staff 

  • Emergency Contacts - up to 2 additional contacts

  • Access to Property - alarm instructions, notes on gates or stairs

  • Visit Routine - household routines

  • Locations - pet food, cleaning products etc

  • Overnight Services - notes for sitters

  • Service Questionnaire - routines for services at different times of day

  • Contracts & Forms

  • Billing and Profile Photo


  • Pet Details - breed, colour, age

  • Feeding & Medication - special instructions

  • Pet Notes - general

  • Walking, Collar & Leash - specific walking instructions

  • Dog Behaviour - how pet behaves in different circumstances

  • Boarding Service - client instructions on boarding their pet

  • Cat Visits - client instructions on visiting their pet

  • Vaccinations - up to date records

  • Vet - address and contact details for emergency Vet treatment




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