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How can you view the Job Details?

  • Tap on one of the jobs on your schedule for the day

How can you view the Job Details?

  • Below is an explanation of what you see on the job details screen:


This button can be tapped to record the time and location that a sitter arrives at a visit, or to collect a dog for its walk.

Once this has been recorded. another button for "Check-out" will appear. This can be tapped  when the sitter has completed their visit or returned the dog to the client's home.

The times recorded are "live" and can be viewed in the Admin's Diary & Schedule screen, and on the Monitor and Staff Activity Report.


This slider can be tapped for the sitter to "acknowledge" they have seen and will carry out the job. There are restrictions as to when you can "acknowledge" a job, see Acknowledge Jobs for more information.


This slider can be tapped for the sitter to "mark the job as completed" when they have carried out the job. There are restrictions as to when you can "complete" a job, see Mark Jobs as Completed for more information.

Visit Report (Feedback)

At any time, a sitter can send a Visit Report (feedback) to the client about their visit/walk. Tapping the Feedback option will access the Visit Report as set up via your Admin.

For more information see Visit Reports (Feedback) and Custom Fields.


Any staff notes that have been added to a job will be displayed here for the sitter to read before a visit. For more information see Adding a Job to an Order


Date job is due to take place


The time of the job is displayed here so the sitter can see whether they have been:

  • given a specific time for the job to take place, or

  • they have a time block with an allowance of 1 or 2 hours to complete the work, or

  • there is a specific time of day, or

  • there is a specific time, but also a tolerance either side eg. 15 mins, or

  • it is empty, indicating there is no specific time the job has to take place that day.


The service item long description. Note: it's a good idea to ensure your long descriptions are self-explanatory so your staff understand exactly what they are being asked to do and how long the visit/walk is for.


The Diary Periods you have set up in your system are reflected here, depending on what time the job is due to take place, eg. Morning, Midday etc.


The staff member can see exactly how much compensation they are due for each job on the list.


What else is visible on the Job Details screen?

The sitter has access to the Client Record and the Pet(s) Record so they can see the details but CANNOT edit them. This is to enable them to perform their duties safely, where they may need access to important information such as the full postal address, any alarm or access codes for the property, pet feeding or routine and safety information.

For more information on this, see Viewing the Client and Pet Details.




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