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Travel time is recorded in the Staff Activity Report, so it is essential that you have the correct settings to produce a report that is as accurate as it can be.

If the time or location that a sitter checks-out which automatically starts travel time being recorded is inaccurate, this will trigger a notification that may affect how the time is calculated. Therefore there are certain settings that must be correctly set up in order to produce an accurate report.

Under normal circumstances the sitter should be checking-out of a job at the client's address. If this is not the case then these situations need to be highlighted. The Staff Activity report contains information that proves that the sitter checked-in late.

There are some environmental and technical considerations that may affect GPS on your mobile phone. For more information about how your mobile phone records your time when you check-in or out of a job, see GPS and Location Accuracy.

These travel time settings will allow you to record a set amount of "travel time" between jobs after a sitter checks-out and then checks-in to their next job.

Travel Time Allowance >

How to set an average travel time between jobs to be included in the staff activity report. 

Allow Staff to Register Start and End of Travel > 

Explains the background to this setting and its use.


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