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You can use shift working for staff that are paid for the "time" they spend at work rather than "by the job". This may also include travel time, and usually means calculating how many hours the staff member has been at work, how much time has been spent travelling to and from jobs, and then exporting this data for Payroll.​

You will need to ensure you have switched the appropriate settings on or off so that the time tracking function can record your sitters paid hours accurately. See How do I Set Up my Staff for Shift Working? for how to to do this.

Once this has been completed, you are ready to instruct your staff how to:

  • start a shift on their mobile phone

  • end a shift on their mobile phone

Admin can also:

  • view each staff member's shifts in DIARY & SCHEDULING > MONITOR > STAFF ACTIVITY REPORT

  • export their timecard so that Payroll can be calculated accurately

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How Shifts Work >

Understand what a shift is and how it can work for staff who are hourly paid or who take longer breaks during a working day, such as an extended lunch or appointment.


Starting a Shift >

Find out how your staff can start a shift on their mobile phone.


Ending a Shift >

Find out how your staff can end a shift on their mobile phone.


Viewing & Editing Shifts on the Staff Activity Report >

How to view a shift that has been recorded in the Staff Activity Report. If there is a discrepancy in the time recorded, find out how to edit a shift's duration.


Exporting the Timecard >

When you are ready to run Payroll, each shift worker's timecard can be exported to see a summary of their hours worked.




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