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In many larger pet sitting businesses, employed administrative and scheduling staff are generally given access to fewer functions in Pet Sitter Plus than their more senior colleagues or the business owner.

It is important therefore that these junior staff are not able to adjust their own access permissions, potentially giving themselves greater access to the system.

It is also important that these same people are not able to create additional administrative logins and potentially even lock business owners out of the system.

Your administrator access levels are:

  • Block access to all USER MANAGEMENT functionality such that a given user is unable to create login information for anyone. Typically a new starter in a junior admin role.

  • Grant access to ADD STAFF LOGIN but revoke access to ADD COMPANY ADMINISTRATOR such that a given user can create pet sitter logins (who themselves have limited access) but cannot create administrator logins (who have global access). Typically a more trusted junior admin role.

  • Grant access to both ADD STAFF LOGIN and ADD COMPANY ADMINISTRATOR. Typically a trusted senior admin role or business owner.

How do I add a junior administrator login?

Unlike a staff login, a junior administrator of the system is not necessarily a pet sitter and does not necessarily perform pet sitting duties (although they often do). So it follows that a junior administrator does not need to be linked to a person in the staff list. For this reason, the process to create a junior administrator involves one less step than the process to create a staff login. 


  • Click "Add Company Administrator".

  • Enter an email address for the new junior administrator.

  • Then add a password (which can be anything you like).

  • Note that if your staff member has already been granted staff login rights, then you MUST use the SAME email and password here (as you used when you granted them staff login rights). 

  • It is essential to set the USER options as follows:

    • "User Management" should be CHECKED​

    • "Admin User Management" should be UNCHECKED

  • Any other options can be checked or unchecked dependent upon how much access you want this Junior Administrator to have​

In this example, this Linnet is allowed access to "Invoicing" and "Admin" but not to "Reports" or "Monitor".

Linnet has now logged into Pet Sitter Plus.

She can create a new user role for a staff member BUT cannot create a company administrator with full access rights.

You can also see that the "Reports" and "Monitor" tabs are not visible, as we ensured these were UNCHECKED in her permission settings (see above).

When would I need both an administrator login and a staff login?


You first need to understand how Pet Sitter Plus "knows who you are". This usually occurs when you want to use the {STAFF_} merge codes and find they are not populating as you wanted them to.


As an example scenario, you might be an administrator who can access many parts of the system for reporting etc. without having to email any clients. In this case a simple admin login is all that is required.


HOWEVER, if you also want to communicate with your clients by emailing them and using the {STAFF_} merge codes, you MUST have BOTH an "admin" and "staff" login with the same login details and email address. Otherwise the system "doesn't know who you are". 





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